Sell your Laptop for Cash

How to Sell Your Laptop for Cash

Have you got a laptop you no longer need? Instead of letting your unused laptop sit around the collect dust, you may be able to make several hundred pounds by selling it to a used laptop purchasing service.

Laptops that have been well cared for can be worth a surprising amount on the used market. Even broken or damaged laptops that still have usable parts have value as a source of processors, memory and other components.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can sell your used laptop for cash, as well as the key things that you should do before selling your laptop.

How much is your laptop worth?

If you’ve recently upgraded to a new laptop, you may be wondering how much your old laptop is worth. Computers have a reputation for depreciating quickly, but many laptops (particularly high-end models) retain their value fairly well.

Sell Your Laptop has an online value calculator form that you can use to work out the value of your laptop. Click the “Get A Quote” link in the menu bar and fill in the form with your laptop’s specifications – at the end of the form, you’ll get an instant quote.

Laptops that are in good condition, without any scratches or other cosmetic damage, generally have the highest value. However, even older, worn out laptops still have a reasonable amount of value on the used market, even if only as a source of parts.

How can you sell your laptop?

Selling your laptop is easy. After you’ve filled in the quote form, you can sell your old laptop directly through the website. Click the “Sell My Laptop” button and enter your address and payment information to create an account.

From here, the website will send a prepaid postage label to your email address. Just package the laptop (make sure it’s safe from any bumps that could occur while it’s in the postal system) and apply the postage label to the package.

When you’ve got some free time, drop the package off at your nearest post office to send your laptop away. Sell Your Laptop inspects the laptop once it’s received, then issues a payment within 48 hours to your bank account, via PayPal or by cheque.

What if your laptop is old or broken?

If you’ve got a laptop that’s very old or damaged, it might still be worth more than you think. Broken or damaged laptops still have value because of the parts that are used inside them, particularly CPUs and memory.

If you’d like to sell a broken laptop, fill in the form exactly as you would for another computer, but select “Poor / Non Working” as its condition. You’ll get a lower price for the laptop than you otherwise would, but it’s still worth a reasonable amount.

By the way, make sure you supply the original A/C adapter and any other items that came with the laptop when you sell it, since these all have some value. Even an older laptop that’s in good condition can fetch a surprising amount.