Award winning Electronic Data Interchange solutions company XEDI (www.xedi.com) has today announced the highly anticipated US-wide launch of its new cloud-based global EDI platform which is being billed as a big step forward for the often over-complicated world of B2B e-commerce.

A social supply chain for the future

With the launch of their new low cost subscription-based service, the company is providing a practical all-in-one solution allowing secure and seamless ‘electronic ordering’ and ‘electronic invoicing’ featuring multi-user functionality, SSCC barcode support, and a free EDI mailbox for new users as well as enabling high street retailers and suppliers to discover each other and connect together through an exciting ‘social B2B network’ feature.

The new XEDI system functions with all current EDI standards for retail, ensuring that business-users can set up their own social space and begin sending orders and receiving invoices immediately upon subscribing with no need for software downloads or plug-ins.

Breaking down the barriers to EDI

The new service overcomes the usual risks and barriers to companies making the switch to EDI trading such as the need for formal training and radical changes to business processes, dragging electronic data interchange, kicking and screaming, into the modern, social-media fueled business world.

Speaking today, XEDI Founder Graeme Howard said of the new system: “My vision is to bring EDI to the masses. Manually processing orders is repetitive and inefficient but our new system allows businesses to work fluently in partnership together and create strong social relationships” going on to describe the new venture as being like “Facebook for business.”