XML in Finance


Use XMLobjective to integrate XML standards in financial services, by generating the integration classes from the xmlschema. The generated code provides an API to the XML standard in C++ , Java or via RDB persistence.

Pre-built templates and classes for popular XML standards in financial services are provided below for use with XMLobjective Integrator¹. Please check back to this page for more pre-built templates for other XML standards to be made

¹ The integration packages are fully operational to use with evaluation downloads of XMLobjective

FpML – Financial Products Markup Language

The OTC standard of Financial Products Markup Language (FpML, www.fpml.org), can be integrated with an existing financial system using the pre-built templates and classes under the link below.

This integration is achieved by using the integration classes code provided. These classes are used to interpret xml instance documents of FpML, and marshal the data content to/from xml. Use these classes in an add-on module to existings systems, enabling these systems for FpML. The pre-built FpML integration package supports many financial product types, and includes:

Type templates
Integration template files defining types classes for FpML

Integration templates
Integration template files defining integration classes for FpML

C++ integration code
Generated C++ integration classes for FpML

Java integration code
Generated Java integration classes for FpML

RDB integration code
Generated JDBC integration classes and SQL scripts for RDB persistence for FpML

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